Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unexpected Support

Yes, by the title of this post I'm sure many of you were thinking, "Did Natasha's father change his selfish ways?" The answer is no, but that's not surprising, right?

A couple of months ago, the president of the school I work for called everyone in individually to get to know us better. She actually already knew me a bit, considering that my father-in-law's one rather giving moment (with selfish motivation) to me was putting me in touch with her for a job a year and a half ago. So, upon sitting down, she asked how everyone was. I asked her if she knew about Natasha, which she didn't. I asked if she knew about Jonathan, and she said, "What about him? Is he okay?" I told her what was going on. I told her about the lack of support from Natasha's parents (all three of them). She set out on a quest to help us out.

I think I mentioned a while ago about the donation page I set up at my boss's request, but I haven't pushed it on anyone because, frankly, I don't know anyone with any money. But after these couple of months, my boss got angry.

I spoke with her briefly yesterday when she explained that many of her "friends" surprised her with a lack of interest in helping. This, you must know, is a woman who has never asked for help. She is not a rich woman, but she is successful and she cares deeply about many causes. But she's never asked for personal favors to help. For me, she did. For Natasha, she did. Because she did and did not get the responses she expected, she told me that she has reconsidered many of those friendships.

Yesterday, after this meeting, she sent out another email to her friends and many co-workers of mine. She made phone calls and she cashed in on many favors. For me. For Natasha. Suddenly, several people (some of whom I know) made small donations. Every little bit helps. She emailed me at work today telling me to expect more. Heck, even her husband made a separate donation!

I never expected this kind of generosity of spirit from my boss. I'd love to share her name, but it's not my call. Yes, my parents have agreed to loan us the money for the surgery, and that is generous in itself. But they know us. My boss, for all intents and purposes, does not. Never in my life have I been selflessly helped by a stranger. Never in my life have I been given unconditional kindness from a stranger. Sure, I know her a bit, but you know where I'm coming from.

I just wanted to share this information because my boss has reminded me that there are truly good people in the world and that good surprises can come from just about anywhere... except for my father-in-law. :-D