Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still the Same

I find myself walking around the house, looking at everything. I comment, "It's all still where it is supposed to be." I see my children's rooms, the kitchen, the dogs and cats: "Yep. Still the same." The bills are the same. The dust is the same. The pictures are the same. The DVD collection is the same.

The only thing that's changed is my spouse's gender.

That's it.


Natasha said...

Ummm...what about the library?

Methinks you have a blind spot :D


Caroline said...

My wife was slow to notice that my share of the hanging space slowly grew and filled with more interestingly textured garments as I evolved from bland androgyny then again it took her six weeks to notice my red toe nails!

The same spirit inhabits Natasha as inhabited the previous host body, could be one of the only things to be noticed is the new found happiness and will to live.

Caroline xxx

Casey said...

@ Natasha - I'm not counting the temporary stuff! :-D

@ Caroline - I have noticed EVERYTHING! :-) Any clothing/makeup changes that occurred during Natasha's transition was lumped into the whole "my spouse's gender" change. None of that bothers me now, and that was part of my point. Nothing else in my life, except for her, has changed. That's a good thing! :-)